Our public service announcement featuring singer/songwriter Jon Secada. The PSA will raise public awareness and save lives addressing what is now the leading concern among drivers today, aggressive driving and road rage.   
WSB-TV in Atlanta does a special report on the "Combat Aggressive Driving" campaign featuring interviews with FORSCOM Safety Director, Mike Bledsoe. This piece also features training for aggressive driving for firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement around Atlanta.

NBC Nightly News reports on aggressive driving and road rage as a national epidemic on our nation's highways. This report features a case study and interviews with experts such as Dr. Arnold Nerenberg and Dr. Leon James co-authors of the aggressive driver course "RoadRageous"™ from AIPS.
Discovery Channel features the problems of aggressive driving in South Florida and solutions including court ordered referrals to attitude and behavior modification utilizing the aggressive driver course, "RoadRageous"™ from AIPS
Today's Life Choices a special report on aggressive driving and parenting featuring Dr. Arnold Nerenberg, "America's Road Rage Therapist".
WSB-TV in Atlanta Special Report - Driving Mad, features case studies and the aggressive driver course, "RoadRageous"™ in action.
WPLG in Miami reports on South Florida's aggressive driving problems and how the state is taking action and proposing legislative changes to address aggressive drivers.
NBC in Miami reports on web based defensive driving courses from the American Institute for Public Safety.