We've all heard of Aggressive Driving and Road Rage and most of us feel its effects from time to time.  But who is really at risk?  What are the warning signs?  Have you visited the Aggressive Zone?  Are you driving too much in the Hostile Zone?  Are you nearly in the War Zone?

Check every option below that applies to you to find your own personal  "RoadRageous Quotient".  There is no passing or failing score, just a question of how far down the list you've gone.  The highest number you mark is your own personal rating.  More than half of all Americans are rated between 18 to 22  --  more than 60% admit to losing their temper while driving their cars.

Be Aware:  even clicking one scenario can put you at risk. 

Take the test.  Submit your answers and find out where you stand?

It's time to ask ourselves...  "Is It Really Worth It?"

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  1.     Habitually rushing and lane-hopping.

  2.     Always Trying to get ahead and seeing others cars as being in the way.

  3.     Making rolling stops or going through red lights.

  4.     Making illegal U-turns.

  5.     Driving in a state of low alertness, inattention, or sleepiness.

  6.     Speeding up to a yellow light because you hate stopping for red lights.

  7.     Changing lanes without signaling ahead of time.

  8.     Being unable to relax, or having negative emotions when police cars are around.

  9.     Habitually swearing or being in a bad mood in the car.





  1.     Not yielding when another driver had the right of way.

  2.     Constantly ridiculing or criticizing other drivers to oneself or passengers.

  3.     Taking dangerous risks during multi-tasking (phoning, eating, etc.).

  4.     Closing the gap to deny entry into your lane, whenever you feel like it.

  5.     Regularly going more than 20 miles above the posted speed limit.

  6.     Speeding past another car or revving the engine as a sign of protest.

  7.     Preventing another driver from passing, whenever you feel like it.

  8.     Tailgating to pressure a driver to go faster or to get out of the way.

  9.     Fantasizing physical violence against another driver.

  10.     Flashing your headlights in retaliation.

  11.     Honking or yelling at someone through the open window.

  12.     Making a visible insulting gesture at another driver.

  13.     Using your car to retaliate by making sudden, threatening maneuvers.

  14.     Getting out of the car and engaging in a shouting match.





  1.     Getting out and beating on, or throwing something at another car.

  2.     Carrying a weapon and beating on, or throwing something at another car.

  3.     Beating or battering someone because of a road exchange.

  4.     Trying to run another car off the road to punish the driver.

  5.     Trying to run over someone whose actions angered you.

  6.     Shooting at another car.

  7.     Killing someone in a driving dispute.


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