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Safety is a command responsibility that cannot be delegated. It requires individual commitment and discipline. America's families have entrusted us with their sons and daughters and everyone must take that responsibility seriously. Knowing the standard and choosing to ignore it, momentary lapses in leadership, shortcomings in training and inadequate standards are the leading cause of accidents. To combat these conditions, effective leadership, well disciplined training plans, established standards, and sound risk management principles must be applied.

Video News Clips

NBC Nightly News
Report on aggressive driving and road rage as a national epidemic on our nation's highways. This report also features a case study and interviews with experts such as Dr. Arnold Nerenberg and Dr. Leon James co-authors of the aggressive driver course "RoadRageous" from AIPS.

Current Articles

Aggressive Driving vs. Road Rage
As we are making our way around the various FORSCOM locations holding classes and training instructors, it is evident that there needs to be some clarification regarding what is aggressive driving and what is "road rage".

Motorcycle Safety
The motorcycle riding season is upon us and everyone wants to get out in the fresh air and ride down the road feeling the freedom and exhilaration of riding their bike.

NASCAR Fatality
A NASCAR Busch Series driver was killed July 18 when the motorcycle he was driving left the road and slammed into a tree.

Impairments to Holiday Driving
Driving this holiday season can be a killer if you make the choice to drive impaired.

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  • Create a memorable "tool kit" for drivers and passengers to modify attitudes, behavior and decision making in high-risk traffic situations. Use new, innovative and interactive educational programs in the classroom, the Internet, VHS and DVD methodologies. To increase awareness of automotive accessories aimed to improve driving safety (e.g. fog and driving lights, 5-point harnesses, etc). Special thanks to our friends from such companies as Crow Enterprizes, and other for providing samples of safety accessories for educational purposes. You can learn more about driving safety accessories at Integrate educational programs with the local communities and state agencies.

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