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Jon Secada PSA
Our public service announcement featuring singer/songwriter Jon Secada. The PSA will raise public awareness and save lives addressing what is now the leading concern among drivers today, aggressive driving and road rage.

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Aggressive Driving vs. Road Rage
As we are making our way around the various FORSCOM locations holding classes and training instructors, it is evident that there needs to be some clarification regarding what is aggressive driving and what is "road rage".

Motorcycle Safety
The motorcycle riding season is upon us and everyone wants to get out in the fresh air and ride down the road feeling the freedom and exhilaration of riding their bike.

NASCAR Fatality
A NASCAR Busch Series driver was killed July 18 when the motorcycle he was driving left the road and slammed into a tree.

Impairments to Holiday Driving
Driving this holiday season can be a killer if you make the choice to drive impaired.

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  • The Aggressive Driver Course "RoadRageous"™ is the nation's first comprehensive course on attitudinal and behavior modification addressing the leading cause of death on our nation's highways, aggressive driving.

    Based on our extensive research, we have created a program that covers all of the important aspects of responsible driving: Courtesy, Driver Attitudes and Aggressive Driving, Changes in Laws, Safety Belts and Air Bags, Auto Maintenance, Insurance, Respect for the Law, Defensive Driving Habits, the Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on Driving Performance, and more timely information and insight.

    Text Version
    The text course is easy to read and follow. You do not need to own various types of computer software to take this course. No downloading, e-mail or printer is required. Our course is 100% interactive. Our course is 100% interactive. Anybody who has access to a computer can take this course. *Our new software is pending approval on a state by state basis.

    Streaming Video
    Watch our VHS Tape course online, which is broken up into 10 modules. Then, take our 40 question final exam after watching the 10 modules in their entirety. There are no tapes to return which makes completion time faster and easier than receiving the course in the mail. We do recommend that you have a cable/DSL or greater Internet connection to watch the streaming videos.   

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